Preventative Care

Preventative Dental Care

With a fun, lighthearted and comprehensive approach, we endeavor to educate our patients about good dental health habits from their very first meeting with us. We recommend regular 6-month dental check-ups and cleaning appointments. These appointments include:

  • Teeth, gums and mouth health exam
  • Tartar build-up removal
  • Teeth polishing
  • Fluoride application
  • X-rays to identify tooth decay or damage

Home care evaluation in order to reinforce the importance of good oral care at home

Advice on nutrition and diet to prevent decay and promote good oral health.

Dental X-Rays

During a dental examination, our staff looks for any signs of decay, infection, or damage to the teeth. If a potential issue is noticed, X-rays can aid in seeing inside your child’s tooth and gums thereby identifying and addressing dental problems before they become worse.

Our office uses a Digital Radiography system. This machine uses film-like sensors instead of actual film. No developing time or chemicals are needed. The x-rays appear on a computer screen within minutes and use
substantially less radiation. The images can be stored for future use and can be printed out for mailing purposes.


Fluoride is regularly used in our preventive dental care program during routine appointments. It is applied to the child’s teeth, absorbs into the tooth enamel, and works to prevent and slow the progression of cavity development. In combination with a good oral hygiene routine at home and eating a healthy diet, fluoride is a beneficial part of your child’s dental care.

While home and in-office fluoride treatments have been shown in many studies to prevent cavities, we understand and respect that some families may prefer to use fluoride-free products.

If you prefer to avoid fluoride during your child’s dental visit, please let us know at the beginning of the appointment.